Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be required to spend a lot of time driving around showing you properties to buy?

No, not at all! We already know what we’re looking for, and our criteria typically stay the same. While we may need you to let us inside a property occasionally, we wouldn’t ask you to spend your time on a wild goose chase.

Is it worth my time to work with an investor?

Yes! You have an opportunity to become what we call a “triple agent.” When working with New Level, you can act as the buyer’s agent, the listing agent and the referral agent. In other words, you may be able to earn triple commission on a single deal. Secondly, we will actively send you leads on listings and give you the right to generate more leads by marketing our homes once the renovations are complete. We can also will send buyers to you.

What kinds of offers do investors usually make?

Our offers are in cash. They are below retail, but they are based on real numbers and consider the cost and amount of repairs the house needs, the market conditions, and current comps in the same area. 

What types of properties do you purchase from sellers?

We purchase homes in pre-foreclosure, over-leveraged, condemned, liens or health department violations, not maintained, fire damaged, estate sales, stagnant listings, even about to fall down homes - we can buy it!

How can I work with New Level Property Solutions LLC?

The first step is to reach out to us! 

You can call us at: 512-200-2394

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